Siv Jakobsen – Berry & Whythe

Siv Jakobsen is currently based in Oslo, Norway. Her debut album The Nordic Mellow is set to debut on August 25th. Her new song “Berry & Whythe” makes us excited to hear the album.

Perhaps what is most capturing at first is her unique voice. The production is manic, sounding like a frenzy of thoughts going on in her head. The guitar driven record has an organic, gritty feel. Jakobsen is a true poet with lines like, “cause you made a big black hole to bathe in through the night/ with me by your side” and “I’m at my best with an ocean between you/ still I’d be glad if you stayed.” With her glaring honesty, the song feels like stumbling upon a journal entry.

Be sure to check out Siv Jakobsen’s song “Berry & Whythe” below and if you like that, keep a look out for her debut album on the 25th!

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Flora Cash – You’re Somebody Else

Flora Cash is composed of a Scandi duo that met through Soundcloud. Their objective is to “sonically explore the diversity of human relationships,” which is exactly what they accomplish with their song “You’re Somebody Else.”

What is most striking about this song is how haunting it is, from the vocal to the airy production part to the lyrics. Starting out with a simple guitar part, the song quickly escalates into what seems like beautiful chaos, which mimics the lyrics to the song perfectly. In addition, there is something heartbreaking about the melody. The lyrics top off this masterpiece with lines like, “you look like yourself/ but you’re somebody else only it ain’t on the surface/ well you talk like yourself/ no, hear someone else.” All in all, Flora Cash has managed to explore the complexities of a love that is falling apart in the most poetic of ways.

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Jason Hawk Harris – The Smoke and the Stars

You can’t put Jason Hawk Harris into one musical category and do him any real justice. Considering his spark for a musical catalyst was Queen’s ‘Bohemian Rhapsody that he heard when he was young and then chose to dive deeper into composers and various musical genres aside from his guitar he has so many layers to unpack when we unpack his music. His latest track “The Smoke and the Stars” has been receiving huge support and amazing reviews as we get to hear the heart of Harris’ style and sound.

We get a deep feeling of experiences though his lyrics in this track and it amplifies his fantastic writing skill. Describing his music as Meta-Apocalyptic Country/Americana Grief-Grass we get the idea that you’re never going to pin down exactly what Harris will deliver next but you can be sure that it will contain a meticulous amount of soul and passion. We cannot wait to hear more!.

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Lauren Ruth Ward – Blue Collar Sex Kitten

Lauren Ruth Ward is a rock and roll singer and songwriter from Baltimore, Maryland. Her band consists of herself, Eduardo Rivera, Liv Slingerland, and India Pascucci. Lauren has been working as a hair colorist and barber by day, as she pursues a career as a musician at night. The Los Angeles based artist has performed at famous venues such as Viper Room, The Echo, and The Bootleg Theatre. As a follow up to her self-titled EP, Lauren has come out with “Blue Collar Sex Kitten.” Take a listen below!

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Talus – BBton

Talus is an Experimental Ether Rock musician who is from Honolulu, Hawaii. Although Talus sounds like an old soul, at only 20 years old, there seems a lifetime of experience and influence in his voice. Some top influences of Talus’ music are: Pinback, Explosions in the Sky, Modest Mouse, and The Mars Volta.

The continuous guitar picking in Talus’ song “BBton” provides a nice background for the hushed nature of edgy vocals. The contrast of darker chant-like vocals over lighter sounding arpeggiated chords in the guitar is a pleasant surprise. The vocal treatment on “BBton” reflect nature at times and the sounds of different insects, animals, and plants. If nature and artful rock enlightens your soul, check out Talus’ song “BBton”.

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