The Zanzibar Aliens – No One Shows

The Zanzibar Aliens is a hard rock/psychedelic/alternative band from Lisbon, Portugal that is on the rise with a fan-base that continues to grow. The band is comprised of Carl Fernandes (vocals, piano), Filipe Fernandes (guitar), Martim Seabra (guitar), Ricardo Pereira (bass), and Diogo Braga (drums). They share an appreciation for artists such as Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, and Clearwater Revival. The band’s crisp sound meshed with rock and roll hazard is evident in their latest release, “No One Shows.” This group is on a serious trajectory for some amazing new music, be sire to stay in tune with these guys because before you know they’ll be big players.

Check it out for yourself, and see why The Zanzibar Aliens have continued to grow throughout Portugal and beyond!

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Lauren Ruth Ward – Did I Offend You?

Lauren Ruth Ward grew up in Baltimore, Maryland and now resides in Los Angeles. She performs at a variety of venues around LA such as The Echo, The Mint, Viper Room, Hotel Cafe and more. Her music reflects intricate genres such as early 60’s Blues and Psychedelia with a contemporary Pop twist. There also seems to always sprinkle a touch of feminism here and there, which helps showcase her gritty vocals and unique style.

Lauren Ruth Ward’s song, “Did I Offend You”, is about confronting her deepest emotions. This song puts Lauren in a very vulnerable place as she comes to terms with how she’s “only getting older”, time to fully accept herself, and being in touch with your sanity as much as your insanity. The production was crafted appropriately to showcase Lauren’s broad range of emotions through distorted bluesy guitar licks and wailing vocals.

Witness Lauren’s journey through self discovery by clicking on “Did I Offend You?” below.

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The Stevenson Ranch Davidians – Holy Life

The Stevenson Ranch Davidians is a psychedelic folk/Americana band currently located in Los Angeles, California. The band members include: Dwayne Seagraves (singer/songwriter), Jessica Latiolait (bassist), Rob Campanella (guitarist), Andy Campanella (drummer and backing vocalist), and Misha Bullock (guitarist). Since the band came together in 2006, they have altered the structure of music by incorporating folk, soul, and 60s psychedelic hints into their sound. The main focus of the band has always been to shape music in a way that debunks and idealizes the human experience. Through music, the band wishes to convey that humans have been the main source of all of the greatest achievements and observations in history. This is a power that arises from within individuals, and rather than from the government, gods, or other outside sources. The group is set to release a new album this summer entitled Amerikana, and they are giving music fans a sneak peak at the album’s lead single, “Holy Life.” The song brings a high sense of energy with the strong and powerful vocals. Get a little taste of The Stevenson Ranch Davidians newest release, and be on the lookout for when the full album drops!

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Rough Church – Bully My Heart

Rough Church is a band of Los Angelenos with an Indie/Rock sound. The band is made up of Greg Franco (lead vocals, guitar), Kaitlin Wolfberg (violin, percussion, keys, melodica), Dante Pascuzzo (bass), Tracy Hill (drums), and Carey Fosse (lead guitar). Some of the group’s major influences are said to include Stanley Kubrick, The Dali Lama, and Gandhi. The band’s latest release,“Bully My Heart” takes you back to another time with the use of percussion instruments and a slow beat. Take a listen down below!

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Ward White – Dude

Ward White is a solo artist based in Brooklyn, New York. He has a unique sound that blurs the lines between Country and Rock. Additionally, he’s part of the chamber Pop duo, McGinty and White. He has played alongside The Kennedy’s as well as Josh Joplin. White is looking to create new and exciting ways to share his music with fans. At the moment, White is working with Dr. Joseph LeDoux, an internationally acclaimed neuroscience researcher and author of The Emotional Brain. Together they want to create a sensory experience that will combine science, memoirs, and music. Check out Ward White’s fresh sound below, with a song called “Dude.”

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