Joon Moon – The Mask

Joon Moon was formed in 2014 in Paris. Julien Decoret, Raphael Chassin, and Krystle Warren all brought their strengths forward, as a house producer, drummer, and singer/songwriter, to create this magnificent band. Their song “The Mask” shows of their true musicality and their unique style.

“The Mask” is essentially a satire and reflection of music. With an undeniable groove from the bouncy piano and rhythmic melody, the song is immediately captivating. It feels like a true collaborative piece due to the individuality of the instruments and the rawness of the voices, which works in demonstrating the meaning of the song. The parts are drastically different, but fit together flawlessly. In their lyrics, they definitely hone in on irony, making the concepts fresh with lines like, “if I sing it with some soul make you rock and roll would it touch you” and “everybody clap your hands/ everybody bends” and references like “I heard there was a secret chord.” The meta-experience of a song about music is jarring but Joon Moon does it in a way that feels natural.

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