The Marías – I Don’t Know You

The Marías are a psychedelic-soul group based out of Los Angeles. The band was created by lead singer María and drummer Josh, along with their friends, creating a sort of chemistry that can only come from being truly comfortable and inspired by one another. Since forming in late 2016, they have released their lead single “I Don’t Know You.”

Their song “I Don’t Know You” creates an ambience that completely transports you to the back of a smoky club, admiring a hypnotizing muse. Perhaps it is María’s soothing voice, or the dynamic bass line that creates an absolutely addicting sound. The production is minimal, but it makes the spaces even more impactful. The band manages to create a beautiful sound while lacing in stunning lyrics like, “There’s a weight in my bed/ where you laid and you said ‘I don’t know you.’” With a rhythmic and extremely hooky chorus, it’s near impossible to not listen to this song on repeat.

Be sure to check out “I Don’t Know You” by The Marías below!

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