Jason Hawk Harris – The Smoke and the Stars

You can’t put Jason Hawk Harris into one musical category and do him any real justice. Considering his spark for a musical catalyst was Queen’s ‘Bohemian Rhapsody that he heard when he was young and then chose to dive deeper into composers and various musical genres aside from his guitar he has so many layers to unpack when we unpack his music. His latest track “The Smoke and the Stars” has been receiving huge support and amazing reviews as we get to hear the heart of Harris’ style and sound.

We get a deep feeling of experiences though his lyrics in this track and it amplifies his fantastic writing skill. Describing his music as Meta-Apocalyptic Country/Americana Grief-Grass we get the idea that you’re never going to pin down exactly what Harris will deliver next but you can be sure that it will contain a meticulous amount of soul and passion. We cannot wait to hear more!.

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